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First off, let me thank you for visiting my web site.

Here you will find truly affordable, small business web hosting & design.

At the top of each of my pages you will see banners for the web sites I have designed. Please visit my portfolio page to see all the web sites I have done.
If you like my style of web design please visit my pricing and services page to see what I can offer you. And for the do it yourselfer please visit my links page.

If you are a home based business, looking for affordable web design, then you have come to the right place.

If your a department store or have hundreds of products then this is not the site your looking for.

If you sell handcrafted items, jewelry, candles, soaps, T-Shirts, etc. Then I may be just what your looking for. Being a home based business owner myself, I know how hard it is to find affordable web design. I started doing web sites 8 years ago, out of necessity. I needed a site, but couldn't afford to pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it for me. So I started doing research and learned how to do it myself.

I am NOT a big web design company, I AM someone just like you. Someone who wanted a web site, that was profitable, yet still affordable.

I don't do web sites to make a living, I do web sites because I love to do web sites.

I offer down to earth, easy to navigate, personalized web design. NO templates here. Each site is designed based on YOUR product and YOUR idea.
After all, YOUR web site tells your customers who YOU are.

If this sounds like what your looking for then take a look at my portfolio and look over my prices and services I offer.

Thank You
Tina L. Smith

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